Armored Dreams Custom Mirror

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This graphic design can be used to create a custom mirror

Artist: Safitown
Title: Armored Dreams Series - 4
Medium: Mixed Media on Mirror
Size: Customizable  

How does it work? To begin your commission, select your preferred graphic design, color scheme, and size requirements to be mirror worked. Once decided, you can contact us below to receive your quote. 

The Process: Safitown begins painting the image on a canvas or a mirror. He then partially removes the mirror silvering by painting the image using acid and other chemicals, allowing the artwork to be visible through the glass.

This stage is particularly difficult since there is no room for error; once the mirror is gone, it is gone forever. This technique usually takes 18-20 hours of acid work and blading work under toxic fumes, necessitating the use of protective clothing such as professional gas masks and gloves since the chemicals tend to splatter and drip.

Once the mirroring is complete, he then assembles the mirror and the painting together, finishing it off with a custom-made wooden, metal, or restored antique frame work.

Note: This graphic design creation is 1/1 single edition and unique therefore, all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 30 business days. 25 days required to finish an artwork in addition to 5 days of shipping. All artworks can be shipped or created on-site based on size specifications. 

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