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Baluch Nomadic Praying Persian Carpet 90x150

Dhs. 2,560

This Baluch Nomadic praying Persian carpet is handmade by Baluch nomads, living near the border between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Kind: Carpet
Material: Wool with plant-based dye
Design: Praying 
Origin: Baluch
Color: Crimson 
Width: 90 cm
135 cm
150 cm

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 7 business days.

More info: Baluch rugs are characterized by the dominant feature of repeated camel's foot- or pear-shaped medallions within geometric borders, creating a geometric and intricate design reminiscent of the Turkmen style, particularly the use of the "gul" motif.

Known for their high quality, these rugs, lasting for years, are typically small (2 x 3 to 4 x 6 feet) with larger sizes being rare. Finished rugs are nearly square, featuring dark red or blue hues contrasted with white, yellow, and orange accents.

Predominantly woven by the Taimani Tribe in Afghanistan and the Baluch Tribes in Iran, the foundations vary, with Iranian Baluch rugs having white cotton or grey wool bases. Goat hair is also a common warp material.

This Baluch nomadic praying Persian carpet, features a soft, thin, and tightly woven pile using predominantly asymmetrical Persian knots, creating a compact and finely textured design.


Vacuum regularly to extend your Persian rug’s life. 
Air it out to help prevent moisture buildup. 
Rotate to distribute wear and fading. 
Avoid excessive sunlight to prevent fading.
Clean spills immediately to minimize damage.
Use under-rug padding for multiple benefits.
Be mindful of furniture placement.
Supervise pets around the rug.
Call the pros for occasional deep cleans. 

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