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Shiva Soumak Persian Carpet Silk & Wool 105x187

Dhs. 11,500

This handmade Soumak Persian carpet made of silk and premium wool, adds rugged authenticity to any interior

Title: Shiva 
Kind: Carpet
Design: Soumak
Material: Silk and Wool with plant-based dye
Color: Multicolor
Width: 105 cm
187 cm
196 cm

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 7 business days.

More info: A Soumak carpet is unquestionably a conversation starter as it is sophisticated, distinctive, and eternally appealing.

This weave, which is older than regular piled carpet weaving, requires the expertise of the most talented artisans. Each weft is wrapped over four warps, then pulled back over the first two warps, and so on, until a textile is formed.

The procedure results in a significantly stronger textile since no knots are tied. You can expect long-lasting durability in even the busiest areas of your interior. A Soumak Persian carpet might just be your next statement piece! 


Vacuum regularly to extend your rug’s life. 
Air it out to help prevent moisture buildup. 
Rotate to distribute wear and fading. 
Avoid excessive sunlight to prevent fading.
Clean spills immediately to minimize damage.
Use under-rug padding for multiple benefits.
Be mindful of furniture placement.
Supervise pets around the rug.
Call the pros for occasional deep cleans.

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