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Togoo Sofa Armless 3 Seater Couch - Off White

Dhs. 5,370

This replica Togoo sofa armless 3 seater couch fits nicely with laid back interiors as well as minimal, artistically rich ones and has the same manufacturing process and materials as the original

Material: Microsuede
Finish: Off White 
Width: 175 cm
Depth: 101 cm
Height: 71 cm
Seat Height: 38 cm

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 3 business days.

More info: This iconic, aesthetically pleasing Togoo Sofa is an invitation to a world of limitless pleasure and relaxation. 

A sofa without armrests that features ergonomic designs with 4 densities of foam combined to make the frame.

The soft seat is in microsuede quilting. Its elasticity is reinforced by buttoning, to make a soft yet supportive comfort. 

This sofa's flawless fusion of a modern aesthetic and an antiquated feel makes it the perfect choice for any creative setting.

The set stands out from other sofas thanks to its quilted cover and will quickly become your preferred place to unwind.

Our Togoo sofa

armless 3 seater couch comes in a range of colorful hues, so you can pick the one that best matches your space. For color/fabric customization, contact us directly. 

Care: The Togoo sofa is easy to maintain and can be cleaned using a soft brush and a mild cleaning agent.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I was looking for

So happy with my new couch, it was exactly what was needed

Really comfortable

Comfortable and easy to clean!

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