Roxana Fazeli

21st Century Myths Mixed Media Sculpture

Dhs. 5,500

This recycled art mixed media sculpture brings to light the importance of the closest living animal to humans and the impact of our waste on the ecosystem

Artwork Description
Artist: Roxana Fazeli 
Title: 21st Century Myths Series - 7
Medium: Mixed Media
Width: 29 cm
Length: 44
Height: 118
Year: 2021

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More info: The daily degradation and exploitation of nature by human beings under the guise of technological success is the most significant theme that the artist investigates through her works.

Her latest mixed media sculpture series "21st Century Myths" emphasizes on the importance of the closest living animal to humans, and portrays the numerous technological projects which monkeys have undergone such as traveling into space and scientific studies. 

Due to the undeniable impact of our actions on mother nature and planet earth, she has felt compelled to contribute. Traveling, supporting environmental programs and natural reserves, as well as documentaries and products, have all influenced her aesthetic viewpoint. 

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Note: This mixed media sculpture is one of a kind original therefore, all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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