Ariane Crovisier, Born in 1983

Tony Cragg - HenryMoore - Naum Gabo

2022 - 2022 Formation de professeure de sculpture et céramique aux Ateliers Bonvalot 75013 Paris, France
2006 - 2021 Formation de sculpteure en enseignements libres Paris, France
2005 - 2010 Master Pro en Psychologie Clinique Paris, France
2006 - 2008 D.U. Art et médiations thérapeutiques Paris, France


Prizes & Awards; 
2022 Prix De La Sculpture Au Salon D'automne D'andrésy Andrésy, France
2022 Prix De La Sculpture À La 11 Ème Biennale « La Sculpture En Ile De France » Montmagny, France
2020 Grand Prix De La Sculpture De Saint-Maurice Au 37Ème Salon Des Arts Saint-Maurice, France


As an art therapist, my creative journey led me to encounter the art of sculpting, viewed through the transformative lens of care, as I engaged with individuals facing profound emotional challenges. In this artistic exploration, I found myself drawn to the realm of abstract forms, seeking to unravel the essence of expression through the sculpting of hard materials like steatite, limestone, and cellular concrete. In each chisel and carve, I delved into the intricate depths of the human psyche, seeking to give shape to emotions that transcend the tangible, resonating with the intangible essence of the human soul.

Ariane Crovisier, an acclaimed contemporary French sculptor, delves into the realms of emptiness and fullness, exploring the three-dimensional world and the tactile connection with the living surface of the earth. Her art embraces the influence of Chinese tradition, where she finds inspiration in the interplay of voids and substance.

In her quest for ethereal beauty and perpetual motion, Crovisier molds, shapes, and dances with her materials, creating monochromatic or elegantly colored associations. Infusing emotions into her works, she transforms and elongates them, imbuing them with ever-changing hues and forms.

Her sculptures invite interaction, designed to be transposable and viewable from various angles, allowing viewers to engage with them actively, experiencing a dance of new dimensions. Born in 1983 in France, Ariane Crovisier continues to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene with her captivating and dynamic creations.

Over the past 5 years, Ariane Crovisier's artistic work has been showcased numerous times in France, both in Paris and its regions, as well as abroad. In the capital city, her works have been exhibited in several esteemed art galleries, including Galerie Excellsens in the 3rd arrondissement, Galerie du Génie in the 11th, Galerie Art-exprim in the 18th, and Galerie Amtarès in Montmartre. She has been a part of various exhibitions, notably the renowned Expo4Art in the 4th arrondissement and the prestigious international contemporary art fair YIA Art Fair – Rivoli Building in the 1st.

Furthermore, her captivating sculptures have been featured at Espace Commines in the 3rd, Galerie des Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville in the 20th, and Atelier Porte Soleil in the 10th arrondissement. Notably, she had the honor of her sculptures being the subject of a personal exhibition at the Town Hall of the 7th arrondissement. Ariane Crovisier's artistry has made a lasting impression, transcending borders and garnering recognition on both national and international levels.

Her works have been exhibited in most departments of Île-de-France, notably at the Salon des Arts in Saint-Maurice (94), the Biennial Sculpture in Île-de-France in Montmagny (95), the Salon du Val de Viosne at the Château de Grouchy (95), the Biennale du noir & blanc at La Garenne-Colombes (92), the Galerie Dans la cour des artistes in Antony (92), the Boutique Jaune in Montreuil (93), the Galerie Artefact93 (Saint-Denis 93), and the Salon d'Arts Plastiques in Samoreau (77).

Her creations have been appreciated in the provinces, especially at the Rencontres d'art contemporain at the Château de Saint-Auvent (87) and at the Festival d'Art Sacré de Compiègne (60), an international exhibition of contemporary art.

Recently, Ariane Crovisier's artistic work has been exhibited abroad at the AAF in Stockholm (Sweden), as well as at the German gallery Exogallery in Stuttgart, the International Art Fair of Monaco, and the Stroke Art Munich Fair.

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