Paintings & Sculptures By Sara Rahanjam in Dubai

Sara Rahanjam
Painter & Sculptor Born in 1984, Lahijan, Iran
2007 BA of sculpture From Fine Art, Tehran University

As a woman who was born and raised in Iran, my life journey has been marred by numerous challenges, limitations, and difficulties deeply entrenched in the cultural and traditional beliefs of Eastern countries, particularly within my homeland. These experiences have fueled a fervent desire within me to express my protest and vehement disagreement with the prevailing situation, while also seeking to reflect the collective aspirations and expectations of Iranian society for a transformative revolution.

Through my artistic endeavors, I have endeavored to encapsulate the essence of my personal encounters and the profound insights gained from engaging with diverse individuals. By doing so, I aim to shed light on our shared perspectives, needs, and pains, creating a profound resonance within the hearts and minds of my audience.

With each brushstroke, each carefully crafted word, or each meticulously composed note, I strive to infuse sophistication into my works. Drawing from my own experiences and informed by the collective consciousness of Iranian society, I seek to evoke emotions, provoke contemplation, and ignite dialogue. My artistic expressions serve as a testament to the resilience of individuals, the longing for freedom, and the yearning for societal transformation.

In the face of societal and cultural barriers, my works become a conduit for conveying the unspoken, the marginalized, and the silenced voices. By portraying the raw beauty and strength of women in defiance of oppressive norms, I challenge and dismantle the status quo, fostering an environment where critical discourse and introspection can thrive.

Through the prism of my art, I aspire to elevate the conversations surrounding gender equality, individual liberties, and human rights, amplifying the collective call for change. I strive to navigate the delicate balance between capturing the intricate complexities of our cultural heritage and challenging the archaic structures that perpetuate inequality.

As an artist, my purpose is not solely to document the struggles and limitations imposed upon women in Iran but also to serve as a catalyst for transformation. By providing a platform for the unheard voices and by exposing the underlying injustices, I aim to spark a dialogue that leads to social progress, understanding, and ultimately, an equitable and inclusive society.

In my pursuit of sophistication within my works, I aim to blend artistry with advocacy, weaving together the threads of personal experiences and societal aspirations. By challenging cultural and traditional norms through art, I endeavor to empower individuals, elevate consciousness, and inspire a collective revolution towards a more just and equal world.

Solo Exhibitions;
2018 "At the border of blue and gray sky" saless gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 "mania" etemad gallery, Tehran Iran
2013 "Blue Sky "Seyhoun gallery . Tehran Iran
2012 "women + | "Seyhoun gallery . Tehran . Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2021 The group exhibition at the Den gallery, Kuwait
2021 The Redemption group exhibition, Cama gallery, Iran
2021 The 3th patternitecture exhibition , Niyavaran gallery, Iran
2021 The discourse of persian and contemprary Iranian art, china
2020 The group exhibition, What the pop, Sales gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020. The group exhibition." Gorgomish",. Niyavaran gallery. Tehran. Iran
2020. The group exhibition. Surface. Iranshahr gallery. Tehran. Iran
2020. The group exhibition, Randevou, Tehran, Iran
2020. The 3nd Sculpture Expo, Tarahi Honar Gallery, Tehran , Iran
2019 ThE exhibition of the international event Art For Peace Festival. Baroug gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018. group exhibition "Den gallery", Kuwait
2018. group exhibition, 4th Va life style, Art & Fashion. Avaartlevels gallery
Tehran Iran
2018. The 6th exhibition of the international event Art For Peace Festival.
Mellat gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018. group exhibition at negar gallery. Iran
2018 group exhibition at Not galley ,tehran, Iran
2018 group exhibition at GRK gallery, paris
2017 Group exhibition 5grant festival of art for peace, Iranian artist forum-iran
2016 International Art & Architecture Festival BORDERS Venice, Italy
2016 Group Exhibition "30 sculptures" sales Gallery , Tehran, Iran
2016 Group Exhibition "portrait" Saless Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Summer Group Exhibition" Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Group Exhibition "city of tales 2" Nicolas Felamel Gallery, Paris, France
2014 Exhibition by Iranian contemporary artist, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran
2014 Group exhibition "Jahan Pahlevan" Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 The first international art collect, Tehran, Iran
2014 Few Scenes from Pardis", Atbin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 Group exhibition "city of tales 1" Nicolas Felamel Gallery, Paris, France
2012. Persbook Iranian art Exhibition, House of Artist. Tehran, Iran
2012 the 5nd Beijing Biennial, Chin
2012 Group Exhibition "Figurative Sculpture" Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 Sculoture & Installation Group Exhibition, Sareban Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2012 Group Exhibition, "Under 35 Years", Fravahr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 Group exhibition "the second May tribute to Masoumeh Seyhoun" Sey-houn Gallery Tehran
2012. The 7th Group Exhibition, Small Sculptures, Farvahar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011 The 3rd international Stone Symposium, Tehran, Iran
2011 The 6th Group Exhibition, Small Sculptures, Farvahar Gallery, Tehran , Iran
2011 International Sculpture Expo and Photo exhibition, Russia
2011 The 2nd Sculpture Expo, Shirin Gallery, Tehran ,Iran
2010 the 2nd international biennial Mediteran, Crosia, split


2012 The 5nd beijing biennial- chine
2010 The 2nd internayional biennial Meciteran, Crosia, Split
2010 The 2nd sculpture biennial for urban space, Tehran-Iran


2010 National Festival Urban Space - Mashhad(first winner)
2010 Making Martyrs Statue - Ahvaz (Second Winner)
2010 The 6th Festival visual art, Shiraz (First Winner)
2009 The 5th Festival visual art, Shiraz (Second Winner)
2009 making martyrs statue - Hamedan (First Winner)
2008 National Fine Arts Company festival Imam Reza, Shiraz (Third Winner)
2008 The 4th Visual Art Festival, Shiraz (First Winner)
2007 The 2nd Art & Sport Olympic festival, Tehran (First Winner)

2012 The 4th Sand Sculpture Symposium, Tehran , Iran
2006 The 2nd Sand Sculpture Symposium, Babolsar, Iran