Amir Safiari Custom Made Mirror Art Creations in Dubai

Amir Safiari, Born in 1978
Mirror Visual Artist 

Business Marketing, California State University Northridge - 2003

San Francisco artist Amir Safiari aka Safitown, is a self-taught artist. After studying business marketing at California state university Northridge, he went on to become a successful advertising executive. 

It is not till the age of 40 that he realized, art was his genuine calling and he felt compelled to create. Given that he had started so late and that time was against him, the only way he could achieve his goals was to become exceedingly efficient in all he did and to take a lot of calculated chances to be able to create on a regular basis.

He never makes the same mirror twice, continually experimenting with different techniques, media, cuts, and colors. He uses different techniques to remove parts of the mirror silvering with Acid, bleach and a few other chemicals.

Through his hard work and dedication, he has mastered the art of mirror. He creates all of his pieces totally by hand, with no use of power equipment. As one of the pioneers of this art form, his mirrors are absolutely one-of-a-kind. He has been given the title of WCM as a result of this world class mirrors.

The mediums extend from graphic design, wood, resin, glass, Vitrail to painting and collage.

His latest collection ‘A Persian Folktale’ was recently launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is available on the website.

Moreover, you can either commission a mirror or choose one of his designs (graphics) to be mirror worked. All of the works are 1/1 edition and unique.

All works can be shipped or created onsite depending on size specifications and will be quoted accordingly.

Safitown will be exhibiting in Tehran at Shirin Gallery in December 2021, followed by Marbella, Los Angeles and San Francisco.