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our commitment 
  • Empowering our artists to succeed in the digital landscape
  • Promoting diversity and ensuring quality
  • International visibility, proving that art has no boundaries 
our selection criteria 

At Art Monkey, we select artists with national recognition and global potential. Most importantly, we look for full-time professional artists who have an established career and consistently participate in various national and international exhibitions.

Some additional attributes we look for among our community of distinguished artists include:
  • Recipients of noteworthy national and international prizes.
  • Selection for prestigious artist residencies.
  • Degrees from reputable art schools and universities across the world.
  • National or International exhibition experience and portfolios. 
  • Auction sales.
  • Published books, monographs or features in leading art publications.

Though not all of these achievements are necessarily required to be accepted by Art Monkey, they are of course a huge advantage and highly valued by our selection team.

A comprehensive, up-to-date CV is very important to include in your application as this will help us reach a decision faster.

You can get in touch with us below or you can always forward your CV/Portfolio to