Sadegh Adham, Born in 1978
Masjed Solomon / Iran
Sculptor - Painter 

Bachelor in Sculpture, Fine arts faculty of Tehran University

Artist Statement: 
We had been joined with Him from the beginning of time and had forgotten that we had ever existed. We arrived and took on the role of "I." 

Man's prophecies, in my opinion, are growth and realization of the purpose of his existence in the universe; the mission, which I have pursued in my art works under the title "Humane Principium".

Beneath the invasions of vast photos and dispersed phrases and dialogues – and, let me just say, the commonplace life with all its small and enormous bits, this prophecy has faded away more and more every day, as if it has an expiration date; it is coming to an end. These are the challenges we must overcome in order to recognize the truth of our existence. 

Picked up along the way, similar to the legendary narrative of Rostam and Sohrab, in which Rostam's vanity in his authority and titles hindered him from separating his goal from reality, the price of which he paid by infanticide. 

Man's most significant prophecy, in my opinion, is to return to his own self at point zero, to unite with the universe and his creator.

Paying attention to the continuity of time from past to present and the future while creating contemporary art is a challenging task which requires knowledge and awareness. 

Sadegh Adham's sculptures are based on Shahnameh mythology and are designed to be accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and cultures.
Symbolic volumes with calligraphy, locks, zarih (an orante that encloses a grave in a mosque or Islamic shrine) and Phoenix, each of which is a sign of Iranian tales and stories while also being beautiful and commendable.

The artist has invited his audience to understand the heroes of his stories in the shape of bronze statues with a unique look, rather than on the big screen or in books of Shahnameh poems.

Solo exhibitions:
2021 'Sufi' Sculpture exhibition, Arthibition Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2020 Fossa Painting exhibition, Vali Art Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2019 Sculpture exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2018 Sculpture exhibition, Gozar Art Gallery, Isfahan/Iran
2017 Sculpture exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2017 Sculpting/Painting exhibition, Art Center, Tehran/Iran
2015 Sculpture exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2014 Sculpture exhibition, 26 Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2014 Sculpture exhibition, 26 Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2013 Painting exhibition, Ahvaz Museum of Contemporary Arts, Ahvaz/Iran
2011 Painting exhibition, Gallery of Tehran University, Tehran/Iran
2007 Drawing exhibition, Mehrin Art Gallery, Tehran/Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2022 Analyze exhibition, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2022 Three Dimensions exhibition, Negah Art Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2020 Painting, Sculpture exhibition, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2019 Painting, Sculpture exhibition, Capital House, London/England
2018 Painting, Sculpture exhibition, Iban Art Gallery, Paris/French
2018 Painting/ Sculpture exhibition, Eyran Art Gallery, Toronto/Canada
2018 Sculpture exhibition, Seyhoun art gallery, Tehran/Iran
2018 Sculpture exhibition, Azad art gallery, Tehran/Iran
2018 Sculpture exhibition, Art Land gallery, Tehran/Iran
And more than fifty exhibitions at home and abroad

Other Activities:
2011 Selected in the sixth Sculpture Biennial, Niavaran, Tehran/Iran
2016 Selected in Tehran Biennial Urban Sculpture, Tehran/Iran

View Sadegh Adham's Collection of Artworks HERE