Babak Rashvand, Born in 1980
Visual Artist / Calligrapher

Tehran University-Faculty of Fine Arts.
Visual Communication, Master of Arts, September 2009.

Artist Statement: 
Since childhood, every moment of my life has been filled with two inseparable things: Reading and Writing. Whether a moment of tranquility and solitude or overwhelming joy and happiness, in every instant of my life's monotony, reading or listening to a poem became a necessity to me even when I wasn't consciously seeking the words. 

At times, when I am not looking for a phrase or text to write, I simply follow my instincts and construct a word or picture that is free of any constraints. I tear down the usual arbitrary morphology of the words in absolute autonomy, and at times, these spontaneous scribblings which are full of melancholy and feelings give birth to new shapes of letters which reveal colors from behind the light. 

So, rather than looking for a scripture to read, come see the forms that emerged from the moment that there was and went by, as well as the sentiments that followed. Perhaps you'd see grief, love, a song, a dance, or a flight. 

Colors, in my opinion, are the most exquisite method of conveying anything from reality to fantasy, and everything in between. Colors on my canvases appear differently based on your viewpoint and glance, just like the beauty of life which is depending on your own perspective and experiences. 

Solo Exhibitions:
• “EPIGRAPH” [ Katibeh ] Orient Gallery, Jordan-Amman, May 2018.
• “Be in Colour ...” Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, 29 Jan - 10 Feb. 2016.
• “Abstract Calligraphy ” 8 Gallery, London, 28 Oct. 2015.
• “Noora” Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, 7-12 Mar. 2014.
• “This is my song ...” Shokouh Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, 22-27 Feb. 2013.
• “Abstract Calligraphy ” Shokouh Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, May 2012.

Art Fairs & Auctions:
• “TEHRAN AUCTION”,Contemporary Iranian Art, Jan 2020.
• “TEHRAN AUCTION”,Contemporary Iranian Art, December 2016.
• “CONTEXT Art Miami 2016”, Aqua Art Miami and Art Basel Miami Beach, November 29 – December 4, 2016.
• “Abu Dhabi Art 2016”, Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Cultural District, Abu Dhabi, November 16-19, 2016.
• “MAGIC OF PERSIA”,Nowrouz Auction Gala Benefit, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, 21 Mar. 2015.
• “Bonhams Auction London”, Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, London, 8 April 2014.
• “VIENNAFAIR 2012” the New Contemporary, (Shirin Art Gallery), Messe Wien, Vienna, 20-23 Sept. 2012.
• “ Millon Auction” The first International European and Middle Eastern Art, Opera Gallery, Dubai, 18-22 Oct. 2012.
• “4th International Calligraphy Exhibition & Workshop”, Moscow, 1 Nov. -15 Dec. 2012.

Group Exhibition:
• “BREAK” ART FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, ArtBooth in collaboration with SALWA ZEIDAN Gallery, Abu Dhabi, 25 Feb. 2020.
• “VIGOUR” Group Exhibition, Den Gallery, Kuwait, 26 Mar. 2018.
• “Release” Group Exhibition, Den Gallery, Kuwait, 6 Dec. 2017.
• “Calligraphy Exhibition” Ordibehesht Gallery, Tehran-Iran, 2 Oct. 2015.
• “Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia” Collection, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, 2015.
• “Fish & Coral” Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation, Tehran-Iran, 30 Apr. -15 May 2015.
• “3RD WEEK” Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran-Iran, 7-14 Nov. 2014.
• “Visual Arts Group Exhibition”, Art Center, Tehran-Iran, 31 Jan. -18 Feb. 2014.
• “ALTERNATIVE CALLIGRAPHY 3” Homa Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, 24 Jan.-4 Feb. 2014.
• “Calligraphy Group Exhibition & Workshop”, Nicolas Flamel Art Gallery, Paris, Nov. 2013.
• “Visual Arts Group Exhibition”, Mojdeh Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Oct. 2013.
• “Visual Arts Group Exhibition”, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran-Iran, 19-28 Jul. 2013.
• “Visual Arts Group Exhibition”, Art Center, Tehran-Iran, 21 Jun. -22 Jul. 2013.
• “Painting Group Exhibition”, Shokouh Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, 8-15 Mar. 2013.
• “Calligraphy Group Exhibition”, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Sept. 2012.
• “The Beauty of Calligraphy” Pro Art Gallery, Dubai, 28 Nov. -19 Dec. 2012.
• International College Students Exhibition in the(Calligraphy), Tirana-Albania, 2007.
• Calligraphy Group Exhibition of Iranian AVANT-GARDE Calligraphers, Saba Art Center, Tehran-Iran, 2004.
• International Meeting of Calligraphy in the Islamic World, Tehran-Iran, 2002.

Other Activities:
• “Cite Internationale des Arts. PARIS” Open Studio, Paris, Nov. and Dec. 2016.
• Teaching; Graphic Arts in University of Science and Culture, Tehran-Iran, 2009 - 2011.

• First award at the 22th National College Student Festival (Typography), Tehran-Iran, 2007.
• Second award at National College Student Festival (Calligraphy), Tehran-Iran, 2006.
• First award at “Falaq”, National College Student Festival (Poster), Tehran-Iran, 2006.
• Third award at the 21th National College Student Festival (Poster), Tehran-Iran, 2006.
• First award at the 13th International Festival and Exhibition of Quran (Calligraphy), Tehran-Iran, 2005.
• Third award at National College Student a(Graphics Knowledge), Sari-Iran, 1999.
• First award at the First National Festival of Graphics, Tehran-Iran, 1997.

• “Sarmashq” International Meeting of Calligraphy in the Islamic World (Catalog), Tehran-Iran, 2004.
• “Revayate Marde Pir” Novel Illustration, Shabaviz Publisher, Tehran-Iran, 2002.
• “Learning Calligraphy Book”, Edition 2001-2012 , Tehran-Iran, 2001.


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