Alireza Nekouei, Born in 1988
Visual Artist / Painter

Education :
Diploma in Experimental Sciences
BA of Painting from Azad Faculty of Art & Architecture
MA of Painting Azad Faculty of Art & Architecture

Member of CIVA
Member of Society of Iranian Painters (SPI)

Born shortly after the Islamic revolution, the artist spent his entire childhood amidst the arid landscapes, surrounded by sand and dust. At the age of 15, the artist's family embarked on a journey, moving from city to city, eventually settling in Tehran. Here, he was accepted into a bachelor's degree program in painting at the faculty of art and architecture in Tehran University.

In the bustling metropolis of Tehran, the artist's life took an unexpected turn during the final semesters of his university studies, as he found himself ensnared in an unjust judiciary system. This experience deeply affected both the artist and his art, sparking an unyielding obsession with justice that soon manifested in all his works. In his art, he depicts scenes of a judge in a confined space, inviting viewers to step into the role of the judge and explore the intricacies of judgment and expression.

Currently, the artist is engrossed in his master's thesis and preparing for his third solo exhibition. As his artistic journey continues, the pursuit of justice remains an unwavering theme, guiding the artist's creative endeavors and inviting viewers to partake in the dialogue of justice and humanity. 

"LINES Series"
In the vast expanse of outer space, celestial bodies often take on round forms and exude various forms of energy. Our understanding of volume and energy reveals the stability and perpetual motion within these rounded entities. But questions arise - can a round mass like Earth endure alterations, partitions, and imposed boundaries while maintaining its natural processes? Does such disruption disturb the harmonious order, unaware of its consequences? Does the energy within these entities remain unchanged, continuing its inherent behaviors?

The disruptive factors explored in this artwork delve into themes of monopolization, belief, government, value, energy, and borders. The implications of these factors ripple throughout history, leading to increasing disasters like wars and massacres. As society and our knowledge of the world evolve, the enigmatic question persists - how do certain events persist despite our advancements?

In the quest for answers, the artist imaginatively traverses the silence of stars, seeking insights from the vantage point of outer space. One revelation lies in the myriad flags that have graced Earth throughout history. Simple colored lines, mere symbols from afar, bind our destinies, creatures, and the Earth itself. The artist's works, inspired by the colors of their country's flag - green, white, and red - embody the essence of each hue through symbolic forms, conveying profound concepts in their artistic expressions.

2015 - 2th Palce in Persbookart Festival
2015 - Final Selected In Pars Online Festival
2015 - Final Selected In Veis Festival –  Sadrang Gallery
2014 - 2th Place in Painting Week _ Art university / Saba Cultural Institute

2019 - Fajr Festival _ Saba Cultural Institute
2015 - “Contemporary Painters Quarterly” Biennial                                     
2015 - Fajr Festival _ Saba Cultural Institute
2015 - 8th New Generation _ Shirin Gallery / Homa Gallery
2014 - Qualifying “to Shortlist of 8th LICC Festival _ London
2014 - Versus Festival _ Iranian Artist Forum
2014 - Fajr Festival _ Saba Cultural Institute
2012 - Fourth Damon Far Biennial _ Pardis Mellat
2012 - Honored In The Doodle Art Festival _ Art Center Gallery
2011 - Sixth New Generation _ Mohsen Gallery / Shirin Gallery / Homa Gallery
2010 - Fajr Festival _ Saba Cultural Institute


2019 - Painting Exhibition “ Lines “ _ Etemad Gallery
2014 - Painting Exhibition " CHAOS " _ Mohsen Gallery

2023 - “Reflejos De Espana” Iranian Artist's Forum
2020 - Online Show on Vision Platform _ Iranshahr Gallery
2019 - Group Visual Art Exhibition _ Pardis Melat Gallery
2018 - “ Infertility “ group Exhibition _ A Art Gallery
2018 - Beyond The Exhibition _ Kunsthall 3.14 Muse/Bergen
2018 - Group Exhibition _ Maria Raab Gallery/Berlin 
2017 - Charity Auction Artwork _ Surface Artspace          
2017 - Group Exhibition _ Surface ArtSpace
2017 - Annual sales Gallery of Knack Gallery                                                   
2017 - A Group Exhibition By Young Iranian Artist _ Assar Art Gallery
2017 - Dargoun Gallery Opening                                                                                  
2016 - " Insomnia " Group Exhinition By Young Iranian Artists _ Assar Art Gallery
2016 - “ Remembering Tomarrow “ Group Exhibiton _ Niavaran Cultural Center
2016 - Group Exhibition _ As Gallery
2016 - Group Exhibition _ Jamm Gallery/Dubai
2015 - " Agoraphobia " Group Exhibition _ Tarahan-e-Azad Artgallery
2015 - Summer Group Exhibition _ Etemad Gallery
2015 - Hundred Art Work Hundred Artist _ Golestan Gallery
2015 - The 4th Expo of Several Generations of Iranian Contemporary Artists _ Laleh Gallery
2014 - Expo of Society of Iranian painters _ Iranian artist's forum
2014 - The 3th Expo of Several Generations of Iranian Contemporary Artists _ Laleh Gallery
2013 - Hundred Art Work Hundred Artist _ Golestan Gallery
2013 - " BARREN " Group Exhibition _ Mohsen Gallery
2012 - Group Exhibition _ Museum Of Contemporary Art – Ahvaz
2012 - Small Frame _ Aria Gallery
2012 - Group Exhibition _ Mohsen Gallery
2010 - Group exhibition _ Iranian Artist's Forum
2009-2008-2007 - Group exhibition _ The Permanent Gallery of Art and Architecture University

2017 – fluorescent 2 Event _ Surface Art Space
2017 – “ Expressing “ Group Exhibition _ Curated By Alireza nekouei , Samaneh Ahmadi
2016 - ArtBox project ( Show Artworks In Led Panels ) _ Miami
2016 - Starry night’s _ Artists to Look Out For Vol. III _ New Mexico
2016 - “ MOP “ Auction /Jamm Art Gallery _ Dubai
2016 - Contemporary Painters Quarterly ( Artworks criticize ) _ Tehran
2014 - The 2th IEAA ( Show Artworks In Lcd Panels ) _ Dubai
2014 -  Tandis Magazine ( Solo Show Criticize )  _  Tehran
2013 - Curator of “ Representation “ Event / Mohsen Gallery _ Tehran
2010 - Selected as one of The Contemporary Iranian Painters _ Publications Yasavoli 

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