Roxana Fazeli at Art Monkey

Roxana Fazeli, Born in 1976
Tehran- Iran
Photographer - Sculptor 

Bachelor degree in photography, Azad university. Department of Art of Architecture - 2003 

Artist Statement: 
The daily degradation and raping of nature by human beings under the guise of technological success was the most significant theme that I investigated in my work.

Due to the undeniable impact of our actions on mother nature and planet earth, I felt compelled to contribute. Traveling, supporting environmental programs and natural reserves, as well as documentaries and products, have all influenced my aesthetic viewpoint. 

Animal species were highly regarded and respected in ancient civilizations, particularly demonstrated by all mythological artifacts. Super humans and humanoids have taken on the look and personalities of both human and animal species. Totems for instance, are unique blends of human and animal species and symbolize strength and endurance.

The Greek and Persian mythical legendary creatures are strong evidence to this. These legendary creatures have been part of many other ancient civilization such as Assyrians, Egyptians, Indians and so on (for example: unicorns, mermaids, sphinx, etc.).

Considering the current circumstances, the outcome of technical and industrial growth, and all the waste produced by people impacting our ecosystem, I took on this challenge to magnify the damage to the environment and all animals from different angles and points of view.

Through my work, I've been attempting to demonstrate the following; 

  1. The evolution of particular species to adapt to their new environment
  2. The usage of old tools and wastes in my sculptures
  3. Species metamorphosis, expressing the harmful consequences of people on nature and on themselves.

Roxana Fazeli is currently working on projects involving monkeys, sharks, and whales.
The monkey project "21st Century Myths" emphasizes on the importance of the closest living animal to humans, which portrays the numerous technological projects which monkeys have undergone such as traveling into space and scientific studies. 

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