Siamak Nasr, Born in 1983
Visual Artist - Sculptor 

Sharif University
Bachelor of Materials Science 

Siamak Nasr, an avant-garde artist born in 1983, emerges as a contemporary visionary. His artistic journey unfolds with the inaugural exhibition, "EmergencyBox," at Homa Art Gallery in Tehran in 2014, marking the genesis of Nasr's verified artistic narrative. The latest chapter in this odyssey unfolds with the "End of Year Group Exhibition" at Aaran Art Gallery in Tehran in 2023. Nasr's exclusive showcase resides within the artistic landscape of Iran, where his unique voice resonates.

Over the past nine years, Nasr has curated at least one solo exhibition and contributed to three group exhibitions, as detailed in his biography. Noteworthy among these is the impactful "EmergencyBox" at Homa Art Gallery in 2014, leaving an indelible mark. Additional significant exhibitions unfolded at Saye Art Gallery and Aaran Art Gallery in Tehran, alongside collaborations with Elmira Mirmiran and Koosha Moossavi.

Nasr's artistic trajectory has earned him a global rank among the Top 1,000,000, with a pinnacle in 2014 and notable fluctuations in 2021. 

Solo Exhibitions: 
• “Incidental Events” [ Vaghaye Ettefaghieh ] Khorshid Gallery, Lavasan-Iran, Spring-2014.
• “Emergency Boxes” [ Jabehaye Ezterari ] Homa Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Summer-2014.

Group Exhibitions: 
Design exhibiton “Sinus” [ Sinoos ] Elahe Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Spring-2013.
 “Black Gold” [ Talaye Siah ] Shirin Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Spring-2014. 
 Group exhibition, Homa Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Spring-2015. 
 Artworks Group exhibition, Nooran Gallery, Ghaem Shahr-Iran, Spring-2017. 
 "Ava" Metal Sculptures Group exhibition, Nooran Gallery, Ghaem Shahr-Iran, Summer-2017. 
 Metal Sculptures Group exhibition, Di Di Museum, Mazandaran-Iran, Autumn-2017. 
 “In Parenthesis” [ Dar Parantez ] Teer Art week, A Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Winter-2017.
 Sculptures and Design Group exhibition, Nooran Gallery, Ghaem Shahr-Iran, Winter-2017. 
 "Ava" Metal Sculptures Group exhibition, Nooran Gallery, Ghaem Shahr-Iran, Summer-2018. 
 “Beast” [ Deev ] Sayeh Gallery, Tehran-Iran, Summer-2018. 
 “Without Death” [ Bi Margi ] Haft Ayeneh Gallery, Sari-Iran, Summer-2018. 
 “Aabaan Gaah” Haft Ayeneh Gallery, Sari-Iran, Autumn-2018. 
 Metal Sculptures Group exhibition, Di Di Museum, Mazandaran-Iran, Autumn-2018. 
 Visual Arts Exhibition, Haft Ayeneh Gallery, Sari-Iran, Winter-2018.


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