Saloomeh Golnaraghi  
Born on November 1st, 1980
Place of Birth: Tehran - Iran

B.A in Painting -Art & Architecture Faculty -Islamic Azad University
M.A in Illustration - Art & Architecture Faculty - Islamic Azad University



S. Golnaraghi's detailed and vibrant works are a profound exploration of form and expression, deeply rooted in the complexities of contemporary life. Through her meticulous observations, she translates the nuances of everyday experiences into multi-layered compositions that captivate and intrigue.

The initial layers of her art focus on the inherent beauty of her subjects, capturing their essence with a delicate precision. As viewers delve deeper into her pieces, they encounter intricate lines and patterns that symbolize the dynamic and often chaotic nature of modern existence.

These elements represent the bustling energy of urban life, with all its variations and contradictions. Golnaraghi's art is not merely a visual treat but a commentary on the interconnectedness of beauty and complexity in the world around us.

Each layer invites the audience to pause, reflect, and appreciate the harmonious interplay between order and disorder, stillness and motion.

Her works serve as a bridge between the aesthetic and the existential, offering a rich tapestry that reflects the multifaceted nature of human experience.

  • Founder of Doodelia Brand (2022)
  • Art Manager of CONTRASTGROUP (2021)
  • Art Manager of Emarat Firouzei Iranian (2019-2021)
  • Art Consultant and Manager, Arad Abnieh Azerakhsh Company (2018-2020)
    • Introduced artists and created job opportunities for them in projects.
  • Curator, Tehran Doodling Art Exhibitions (2017-2020)
    • Curated eight exhibitions.
  • Art and Education Interior Manager, Faranesh Kids and Adolescents Art Institute (2017)
  • Curator, Group Exhibition "Yellow" at Ghaaf Gallery (2018)
  • Judge, "My City" Graphic and Architecture Students’ Workshop (2019)
  • Judge, Photography Competition by Namaa Radio (2019)
    • Judged public-submitted photographs.
  • Judge, "The Green City for Children" Painting Competition (2016)
    • Organized by the Environment Conservation Office in Tehran.
  • Certificate in Digital Painting, Ideh Professional Painting Institute (2014)
  • Teacher Training Certificate (TTC), General Skills (2013)
  • Teaching Assistant, Painting and Illustration Department, Art Faculty (2008-Present)
  • Art Teachers’ Trainer for Children (2008)
  • Marketing and Advertising Specialist, Mabna Afarin Co. (2006-2008)
  • Art Teacher at Elementary Schools (2004-2008)
    • Taught painting, pottery, and creative subjects.
  • Advertising Specialist, ICO Company (2001-2008)
  • Designer and Design Manager, Iran Toy Exhibition (2006)
  • Art Certificate, Jahad Daneshghahi (March 1999)
  • Member, Visual Arts Development Institute (1999)
  • Member, Iranian Painting Society (1999)
  • Member, Iranian Visual Art Society (1999)

Rewards and Prizes
  • Selected Works at the Fourth Art Fair, Wopartfair; Switzerland (2019)
    •   Featured eight Iranian artists in collaboration with Sayeh Gallery (September 19, 2019).
  • Performed Baharestan Murals, Valiasr Street (February 3, 2019)
  • Founder and Initiator of Doodling Art in Iran (2019)
    • Curator of five group exhibitions since 2019.
  • Collector of the First Book of Artistic Doodling Works, Iran (June 2019)
  • First Prize Winner, Ukraine Cinema Way International Film Festival (2017)
    • Awarded for background design of the short animation film "Bystander."
  • Second Place Winner, Hungary Faludi International Youth Film Festival and Photo Competition (2017)
    • Awarded for background design of the short animation film "Bystander."
  • Designer of Background for the Short Animation "Spectator" (2017)
    • The film was awarded 40 times in festivals and gained seven international awards.
  • Chosen Artist, Baban Book of the Year for Painting and Illustration (2016)
  • Chosen Artist, Art of Hand-printing Fair, Ivory Coast Embassy, Tehran (2016)
  • Chosen Artist, Saman Bank Art Exhibition, Melal Gallery (Kamalolmolk Gallery) (2015)
  • Participant, 1st Annual Exchange of Hand-printed Postcards, Laleh Gallery (2014)
  • Nominee, Dubai New Talents Competition, Painting Section, Sponsored by Hoom Gallery (August 2013)
  • Nominee, Best Illustrator, Esfehan Mehregan Gallery (August 2013)
  • Nominee, Best Illustrator, Afdesta (July 2013)
  • Selected Nominee, Besmellah International Festival (Holy Quran Stories) (July 2013)
  • First Nominee, Selected Illustrator for "Where Is a Friend’s Home?" (2012)
  • Selected Artist, 4th Visual Arts Festival (2011)
  • First Selected Artist, 8th Annual National Painting (2011)
  • Interviewee, Jam e Jam Channel, Aftabe Mehrabani – Iranian Successful Youth TV Program
  • Selected Artist for Illustration Work in "Wish To Be a Doll All My Life" Book
  • Published Artworks, "Five Effective Factors for Learning Improvement" Book, Galamchi Institute (2009)
  • Published Artworks, "Kaarang Naameh" Book (August 2009)
  • Selected Artist, Nature Exhibition, Saba Institute of Culture and Art
Street Art, Pop Art, Illustration Artworks and Acrylic On Canvas Paintings By Saloomeh Golnaraghi in DubaiStreet Art, Pop Art, Illustration Artworks and Acrylic On Canvas Paintings By Saloomeh Golnaraghi in DubaiStreet Art, Pop Art, Illustration Artworks and Acrylic On Canvas Paintings By Saloomeh Golnaraghi in Dubai
Professional Activities
  • Group Painting Exhibition, 5x5 Gallery, Istanbul
  • Visual Art Group Exhibition, White Line Art Gallery
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Arta Gallery, Toronto
  • Group Painting Exhibition, DIDI Gallery Museum
  • Designed Characters for Social Networking Sites:
    • @ielts.together
    • @riko_vet_clinic
    • @artemiscactus
    • @candy_sweet_box
  • Group Painting Exhibition: "Your Imagination," Ariana Gallery
  • Group Painting Exhibition: "Benefits of Vegetarianism," Baam Gallery and Shamideh Gallery
  • Group Visual Artists Exhibition, Mina Gallery
  • Group Painting Exhibition: "I Am What You See," Aleyha Gallery
  • Duet Painting Exhibition, Saaleth Gallery
  • Doodling Art Exhibition, Gallery Baharin
  • Painting Exhibition, "Bottles," Alliha Gallery (December 7)
  • Group Illustration Exhibition: "Color and Life," Saba Gallery (Art Farhangestan)
  • Group Illustration Exhibition: "Color and Life," Gallery Five
  • Group Illustration Exhibition: "Color and Life," Gallery Eynoghozate Hamedani
  • 1001 Enameled Ceramic Plates Fair, 2nd Part, Surface Gallery, Iranshahr (March 2)
  • "Mojaverat" (Proximity), Nimdayereh (Semicircle) Painting Group Fair, Milad Tower Gallery
  • Group Painting Exhibition, "Still Life," Farda Gallery
  • Solo Painting Exhibition, Nish Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Painting Exhibition, "Opposing Layers," Sohrab Gallery
  • Illustrations for "Ensanam Arezoost" Group Fair, Rhythm Gallery
  • Illustrations for "Forogh Farokhzad's Lyrics" Group Fair, Rhythm Gallery
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Group Exhibit of Illustration/Calligraphy Assimilation, "Mashi and Mashianeh," Sobhan Gallery
  • Illustrations for "1001 Nights Stories" Group Fair, Iran Art Gallery
  • Group Fair of Paintings, the Big Draw Gallery, New York
  • Illustrations for "1001 Nights Stories" Group Fair, Melal Gallery (Kamaledin Behzad)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Association of Iranian Painters (AIP) (March)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Naghshe Jahan Picture Gallery (January)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Contemporary Persian Modern, New York Art Connection and Hoom Gallery (January)
  • Illustrations for "1001 Nights Stories" Group Fair, Kaveh Gallery
  • Group Painting Exhibition, National Gallery, Izmir, Turkey (August)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Association of Iranian Painters (AIP) (December)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Hoom Gallery (August)
  • Solo Painting Exhibition, Caffe Gallery of Bagh Ferdous (June)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Saba Institute of Arts (Khiale Noo Gallery) (December)
  • Solo Painting Exhibition, Mamak Gallery (ongoing since 2010)
  • Exhibitor, “Thirty-three Artists,” Art Center (August)
  • Group Art Exhibition, Loh Café
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Niavaran Art Gallery (April)
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Mahak Charity (December)
  • Solo Painting Exhibition, Maamak Gallery (April)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Zavieh Art Gallery
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Mani Art Gallery (April)
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Kamal al-Din Behzad Art Gallery (May)
  • Solo Painting Exhibition, Nikzad Gallery (November)
  • Solo Painting Exhibition, Farhangsara Honar

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