Naneh Hassan (Monavar Ramezani) Born in 1937
Outsider Visual Artist 

Monavar Ramezani, also known as Nane Hasan, was born in 1937 in Sohravard, in the Zanjan Province's Khoda Bande town (Gheidar). She is an Iranian painter who has been interested in the art of weaving rugs and sketching rug patterns since childhood. At the age of 70 she starts painting her lifelong imagination. 

Born into a long line of Persian rug-makers and story-tellers, Naneh Hassan is considered the grande dame of her adapted form. Having evolved her traditional fabric practice into a new pictorial visual, Naneh's rare sense of lightness, color and form is radical. she utilizes nature-based paints to fold myth, pottery and legend into both historical and a contemporary commentary. Her many exhibitions outside iran evidence the international appeal of a very personal vision.

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