Mila & Leila

Pedestal Macrame Set - Blue

Dhs. 4,370

Introducing our innovative pedestal Macrame art, which embraces the natural beauty of cotton fibers via their various hues and textures. This set of three pedestal stands will complement and distinguish your home

Artist: Mila & Leila 
Title: Pedestal Macrame - Shades of Blue
Medium: Macrame - Raw cotton fibers, Wood, Aluminum
Size 1: 25cm x 40cm x 125cm 
Size 2: 25cm x 40cm x 145cm
Size 3: 25cm x 40cm x 165cm 

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 14 business days. 

More info: Every Macrame here is timeless and one-of-a-kind masterpiece designed to complement any kind of of indoor luxury setting. Thanks to the superb craftsmanship of traditional skills passed down through generations, each design project is unique and unlike any other. 

Every stage of the process is environmentally friendly and entirely sustainable, and only the finest natural fibers are used such as raw organic cotton. The size and color of the artwork may vary based on the needs of the client. 

Note: This item is sold as a set of three. These art pieces can only be used indoors. 

Copyright: This artwork is one of a kind original, therefore all copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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