Sahra Mollaali

Mindful Muse Side Table

Dhs. 1,285

This exquisite side table crafted from paper mache and other materials is certain to be the focal point in any living space

Artist: Sahra Mollaali 
Title: Mindful Muse 
Material: Paper Mache & Mixed Media 
Finish: Colorful 
Width: 37 cm
Length: 40 cm
Height: 42 cm

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More info: Sahra Mollaali, a visionary art graduate, has devoted the past seven years to a captivating journey of exploration, delving into the art of paint and sculpting volumes. With boundless creativity, she has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, leaving audiences spellbound.

In her artistic genesis, Mollaali found inspiration in the raw beauty of recycled wood, igniting a fervent passion for working with distinctive materials. Fueling her artistic fire, she immersed herself in the secrets of diverse techniques, refusing to be confined to one path alone.

Her oeuvre now transcends boundaries, gracefully embracing paper-maché, metals, and Styrofoam, each medium skillfully harnessed to breathe life into her extraordinary works of art. Sahra Mollaali's artistic journey becomes a mesmerizing tapestry of innovation, inviting spectators to partake in a visual symphony of form and expression.

Note: This item comes with detachable mirror table top. It offers the flexibility of adhering securely with double-sided tape or being effortlessly removed for your convenience.

Copyright: This handmade side table is one of a kind original, therefore all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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Dust with soft dry cloth.
Do not leave spills unattended.
Do not use liquid or aerosol products and abrasive cleaner.
To avoid scratching, do not use a harsh or textured cloth.

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