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Sarvine Reversed Soumak Pearl Woven 143x170

Dhs. 6,325

This reversed Soumak Persian nomadic carpet is made by using the reversed technique which creates beautiful pearl shaped weaves

Title: Sarvine
Medium: Pearl Woven - Reversed Soumak
Material: Wool with plant-based dye 
Width: 143 cm
170 cm
243 cm

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 7 business days.

More info: Sophisticated, unique, and endlessly appealing, a Pearl Woven Persian rug is definitely a conversation starter. This reversed Soumak weave, which is older than regular piled carpet weaving, requires the expertise of the most talented artisans. Each weft is wrapped over four warps, then pulled back over the first two warps, and so on, until a textile is formed. 

Reversed Soumak technique is the same, except that  the soumak is made on the backside of the weave. This makes the loops around the warp thread look like small dots of weft thread in the front of the weave.

There are no knots tied during the process, resulting in a considerably stronger textile. With this approach, you can expect long-lasting durability in even the busiest areas of your interior. A Persian Soumak Carpet might just be your next statement piece! 

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