Sara Rahanjam

Silent Poultry Mixed Media Sculpture

Dhs. 14,690

The exquisite mixed media sculpture from the 'Boom' series eloquently portrays the intricate volumes and explosive essence of human existence

Artwork Description
Artist: Sara Rahanjam
Title: Silent Poultry - Edition 1/3
Medium: Bronze & Painting on Fiberglass
Width: 16 cm 
20 cm
14 cm
Year: 2022

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More info: In recent years, amidst global pandemics, geopolitical unrest, and societal upheavals, the artist has been deeply awakened to the inherent vulnerability of human existence.

Central to her perspective is the recognition of the profound influence wielded by words and the significance of regular discourse.

Words possess an immense capacity to shape our perceptions, either catalyzing transformative shifts in our understanding of the world or devastatingly dismantling our very foundations, necessitating arduous efforts for reconstruction.

Within this artistic expression, the volumes emanating from the lips manifest as symbolic nuclei of explosive power, adorned with intricately depicted Persian flowers and birds.

These contrasting elements symbolize the perpetual conflict that accompanies verbal interactions, wherein the potential for both creation and destruction coexist.

Through this sophisticated portrayal, the artist seeks to ignite contemplation on the profound impact of language, urging us to cherish the vital nature of meaningful conversations and the responsibility we bear in wielding words wisely.

Note: This mixed media sculpture is one of a kind original therefore, all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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