Roham Shamekh was born in Tehran, Iran in 1994. Raised by a Persian family, he studied interior design at university. He also worked as a professional photographer and spent his life travelling and collaborating with influential clients and prominent collectors in Europe and several Asian countries.
Now as a filmmaker, designer and artist, Shamekh works in various fields. His influenced, eclectic designs, ranging from homes and commercial spaces to business interiors and furniture design, reflect his culturally diverse lifestyle
As a designer of interiors and objects, Shamekh’s work is inspired by Europe’s popular bohemian artists. Each of his designs, whether it is a private residence or a piece of furniture, contains modern yet familiar elements.
His style is playful, sexy and chic by turns and in forms and colors he is not afraid to go extreme. As an interior designer, he has had several unique projects and has adopted his own style in this respect.
He has become more involved in the field of furniture design in recent years, including his new DAY DREAM series which is influenced by nature, colors and geometric shapes.