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Hezardastaan Heriz Carpet Silk

Dhs. 41,050

 This Heriz Carpet is hand-knotted with pure silk and features a stunning symmetrical medallion and motifs

Title: Herzardastaan Heriz
Material: Pure Silk with plant-based dye
Width: 120 cm
170 cm
204 cm

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 7 business days.

More info: Persian Heriz rugs from northwest of Iran, are better suited to large spaces like dining rooms or living rooms and they could also be found in public or regularly used areas since even shoes and high heels do not put a great deal of strain on them over time.

Heriz rugs are very similar in design. They are easily recognizable by a large, straight medallion which gives them their distinctive character. As a result, these fascinating carpets have become very popular. 

The wool used in the Heriz carpet is noted for its high quality, durability and resilience. It's assumed that trace copper in the sheep's drinking water might be the reason. The Heriz area is located on and near the slopes of Mount Sabalan, which is home to one of the world's greatest copper mines.

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