Sara Rahanjam

Identity Mixed Media Sculpture

Dhs. 18,360

This mixed media sculpture from the series of 'Mania' illustrates the tale of a passionate affair

Artwork Description
Artist: Sara Rahanjam
Title: Identity - Edition 1/3
Medium: Bronze & Fiberglass
Width: 26 cm 
51 cm
61 cm
Year: 2015

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More info: The Collection at hand endeavors to weave a narrative of love, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Iranian painting and literature, notably the symbolic motifs of "Gol o Morgh" - the enchanting union of flower and bird, representing the lover and the beloved.

Yet, this collection diverges from the purity and elevated essence of true love. Instead, it unveils a portrayal of a love tainted by materialism and base desires, wherein the beloved is reduced to a mere instrument of indulgence.

Within these artworks, the profound realms of spirituality and self-purification, essential facets of genuine love, give way to earthly and sensual aspects. This shift engenders a self-centered struggle between the lover and the beloved, each pursuing their individual desires despite a superficial semblance of intimacy.

Superficially, the "Gol o Morghs" exude an alluring charm, but beneath the surface lies a love that deviates from the core tenets of sacrifice, unconditional affection, and kindness. Instead, they bear witness to a constant battle that propels the lovers toward the precipice of a bitter and ultimately fatal affair.

These artworks, laden with symbolic depth and nuanced emotions, compel viewers to reflect upon the multifaceted nature of love. They serve as a poignant reminder of the perilous consequences that befall when love is reduced to a self-serving pursuit, forsaking the virtues of selflessness and genuine connection.

Note: This mixed media sculpture is one of a kind original therefore, all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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