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Kilim Carpet Qashqai Nomadic 112x157

Dhs. 1,800

This kilim carpet Qashqai nomadic rug is composed of high-quality wool and features geometrical patterns

Kind: Kilim Carpet
Design: Nomadic
Origin: Qashqai
Material: Wool with plant-based dye
Color: Multicolor
Width: 112 cm
157 cm
176 cm

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 7 business days.

More info: The Qashqai is a confederation of tribes with similar dialects and ancestors. Many pastoral nomads descend from the Turkmen and Ersari tribes and move from the Isfahan region to the south of Shiraz depending on the season.

This fusion of people and cultures has resulted in some remarkable and one-of-a-kind creations. The Qashqai killims are woven with fine, soft, yet hard-wearing wool and are based on either cotton or wool. 

The color of a fine kilim carpet Qashqai nomadic rug should be madder red, indigo blue, and/or the classic gold/yellow hue. Qashqai rugs are amongst the most beautiful tribal rugs and are extremely popular in the west.

  • Vacuum regularly to extend your rug’s life. 
  • Air it out to help prevent moisture buildup. 
  • Rotate to distribute wear and fading. 
  • Avoid excessive sunlight to prevent fading. 
  • Clean spills immediately to minimize damage.
  • Use under-rug padding for multiple benefits.
  • Be mindful of furniture placement.
  • Supervise pets around the rug.
  • Call the pros for occasional deep cleans.  

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