The Reply of Banoo Sarang Mirror Art

Dhs. 14,290

In this mirror art creation, Sarang refers to a love that's ultimate, everlasting and unconditional. It's a promise. It’s the will to wait forever, the driving force to break your limits, the desire to stay together lifetime after lifetime — all for that special someone.

Artwork Description
Artist: Safitown
Title: The Reply of Banoo Sarang
Medium: Mixed media collage with mirrors and epoxy resin pour
Medias: Acrylic, Glitter glue, Copper leaf, Rabbit fur
Size: 50m x 70cm 
Year: 2022
Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 7 business days.

More info: This mirror fine art is part of the collection 'A Persian Folktale' which expresses the artist's gratitude to his homeland and the people. Each piece represents iconography and miniature vibes with a modern twist which refers to the Persian national epic, the Shahnameh. These stories are reimagined through reflections of paintings on mirrors and finished with restored antique frames.

This artwork is hand painted and accessorized mirror work on canvas. Custom antique wooden frame with extreme water damage and missing 4/4 corners brought back to life. Frame realignment due to water damage (2 weeks process). 4/4 corners redesigned with molding paste and wood glue, entire frame reinforced with wood glue and resin. Sanded by hand. Flip Flop chameleon spray paint.
Note: This decorative mirror art is one of a kind original, therefore all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. 

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