The Tree of Consciousness Mirror Art

Dhs. 24,900

This piece is a handcrafted mirror art with acid and bleach silvering, cutter blade, Vtrail painting, embezzlement on the front and copper leaf work on the back, finished with a custom hand painted frame. 

Artwork Description
Artist: Safitown
Title: The Tree Of Consciousness 
Medium: Mixed media on 6mm black mirror 
Medias: Acrylic, glitter glue, florescent paint and spray paint
Size: 100cm x 110cm
Year: 2022

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 7 business days.

More info: This mirror fine art is part of the collection 'A Persian Folktale' which expresses the artist's gratitude to his homeland and the people.

Each piece represents iconography and miniature vibes with a modern twist which refers to the Persian national epic, the Shahnameh.

These stories are reimagined through reflections of paintings on mirrors and finished with restored antique frames.

Note: This decorative mirror art is one of a kind original, therefore all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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