Keivan Beiranvand

Kolbar Series Bronze Sculpture

Dhs. 3,500

This bronze sculpture represents a true tale of people fighting to defend their individual strength

Artwork Description
Artist: Keivan Beiranvand
Title: Kolbar (Colbert) Series - Edition 1/2
Medium: Bronze
Width: 10 cm 
Length: 16 cm 
Height: 26 cm 
Year: 2021

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More info: Keyvan Biranvand (1357/1978) is one of Lorestan's diligent citizens. His early paintings thus recall a contemporary echo of Lorestan bronzes.

Ancient BC bronzes that have captivated the world's curiosity and admiration. The height of Zagros can surely be seen in Beiranvand's works.

In the development of his artistic life and philosophy, these sculptures represent yet another milestone and turning point.

Works that consciously reflect the challenging social existence that the artist is proud of and is a part of. a profound representation of "man's entrapment in time and place".

The "peak of sorrow and despair" was also displayed in a profound and Sisyphean manner. His crossed arms and bowed backs are tragic signs of his grief and anguish.

This artist's exquisite works illustrate tales and stories about faith, unity, and eternity through his emphasis on shape, volume and tangibility to form. 

Care: Dust often using a soft, dry cloth of soft brush. Avoid the use of water, chemical and abrasive cleaners.

Note: This bronze sculpture is one of a kind original therefore, all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. 

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