Roxana Fazeli

Micro Street Series Photography Artwork

Dhs. 3,125

This captivating photography artwork captures the intricate details of our streets, showcasing the profound impact of human activity and the unique shapes and forms that emerge through wear and tear over time

Artwork Description
Artist: Roxana Fazeli 
Title: Micro Street Series
Medium: Digitally printed photograph on canvas
Size: 60cm x 90cm
Year: 2018

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More info: This captivating photography artwork endeavors to capture the intricate nuances embedded within the urban landscape, specifically focusing on the profound impact of human presence and the consequential transformation of our streets over time.

Through meticulous attention to detail, the artist unveils the mesmerizing interplay between the wear and tear inflicted by individuals and the resulting emergence of unique shapes and forms that permeate these bustling cityscapes.

By employing a magnifying lens, the photographer delves deep into the layers of urban existence, unveiling the hidden narratives etched upon the surfaces of our streets.

Each crack, crevice, and weathered mark becomes a testament to the passage of time and the ceaseless activity of human life. In this body of work, the artist adeptly explores the intricate dance between human interaction and the ever-evolving urban environment.

With a discerning eye, the photographer captures the ephemeral beauty that arises from the intermingling forces of decay and creation, rendering ordinary elements extraordinary. 

By elevating the minutiae of our urban surroundings into a realm of artistic contemplation, this collection invites viewers to reflect upon the intricate tapestry of human existence within the urban fabric. It prompts us to acknowledge the imprint we leave upon our surroundings and to appreciate the subtle majesty of the evolving urban landscape.

Note: This photography artwork is one of a kind original, therefore all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. The artwork is delivered printed on a canvas. 

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