Art Monkey

Poetry Decorative Wall Mirror

Dhs. 1,500

This decorative wall mirror reflects mythical imagery that portrays Middle Eastern cultural heritage

Product Description
Material: Painted mirror in wooden frame 
Size 1: 
Width: 52 cm 
Length: 125 cm
Size 2: 
Width: 52 cm 
Length: 178 cm 

Shipping: Free delivery in UAE within 21 business days.

More info: These beautiful decorative artworks are designed and created through a lengthy process that incorporates computer technology as well as artistic ingenuity.

The light reflecting through the ethnic patterns and motifs creates a subtle and vintage charm which lends a fresh perspective on reality.

Perfect for any interior, this mirror serves the purpose efficiently while adding a mesmerizing decor touch to your home.

Note: This decorative wall mirror is available in two different sizes and has a wooden frame that may be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. For custom works and projects please contact us directly. 

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