Ariane Crovisier

Rose Des Vents Clay Sculpture

Dhs. 6,910

This contemporary clay sculpture embodies emotions that surpass the physical, resonating with the intangible essence of the human soul 

Artwork Description
Artist: Ariane Crovisier 
Title: Rose Des Vents 
Medium: Fine Chamotte clay, Patina with Shellac & Pigments
Width: 18 cm
Length: 20 cm
Height: 32 cm
Year: 2019
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As an art therapist, her creative journey intersected with the transformative art of sculpting, where care intertwined with the emotions of individuals facing profound challenges.

Drawn to the realm of abstract forms, she embarked on a quest to unravel the essence of expression through hard materials like steatite, limestone, and cellular concrete.

Each chisel and carve delved into the intricate depths of the human psyche, giving shape to emotions transcending the tangible, resonating with the intangible essence of the soul.

Ariane Crovisier, a celebrated contemporary French sculptor, immerses herself in the realms of emptiness and fullness, exploring the tactile connection with the living surface of the earth. Her art embraces the influence of Chinese tradition, finding inspiration in the interplay of voids and substance.

In her pursuit of ethereal beauty and perpetual motion, Crovisier dances with her materials, crafting monochromatic or elegantly colored associations. Infusing emotions into her works, she transforms and elongates them, bestowing ever-changing hues and forms.

Her sculptures beckon interaction, designed to be transposable and viewable from diverse angles. Viewers engage actively, experiencing a dance of new dimensions. 

Recently, Ariane Crovisier's artistic work has been exhibited abroad at the AAF in Stockholm (Sweden), as well as at the German gallery Exogallery in Stuttgart, the International Art Fair of Monaco, and the Stroke Art Munich Fair.

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Note: This clay sculpture is one of a kind original therefore, all copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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